Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hotel interior design contemporary style

Modernistic modernistic [3] modernistic - Bank of China building [4] is the modernism style.

The modernistic stemmed from 1919 tenable Bao House the (Bauhaus) school of thought that stressed that the worn-out tradition, created the new construction suddenly, took the function and the spatial organization, the attention display structure constitution's beauty of form, the modelling is succinct, opposes to decorate unnecessarily, advocates the reasonable constitution craft, the respect material performance, was fastidious about material own quality of material and the color allocative effect, has developed alternative take the function layout as the basis asymmetrical composition technique.

Value actual craft manufacture operation, emphasis design and industrial production relation.

after , modernistic each theoretician has the different understanding, somewhat thought that refers to some kind of design style merely, somewhat thought after is modernism, entire time name. In this name's use, the world construction theorists have not achieved the unification the standard and the understanding. The general division, may say that the 40s to the 60s is the modernism construction, the internationalism style monopoly time, after in the 70s was until now, modernism time. In the late 60s, has experienced 30 year internationalism monopoly construction, the product and the plane design time, the world construction is day by day same, the local characteristics, the national characteristics abates gradually, the construction and the urban appearance are stereotypical day after day, monotonous, in addition forces ·

 the tan oak Bussy Ye's boorish principle, former days had the touch of humanity architectural style gradually by the non-user-friendly internationalism construction substitution. The construction zone presented one group of young architects to attempt to change the internationalism appearance indoor design, has initiated the construction zone Great Revolution.

 American architect Stern proposed, the modernism construction has three characteristics: Uses the decoration; Has the symbol or metaphorical; With existing environment fusion.after , modernism has one kind of modernism rationality rebellious attitude specially, the latter modernistic stressed that the construction and the indoor design should have the historical continuous nature, but does not rigidly adhere to the traditional logical thinking way, the exploration innovation modelling technique, is fastidious about the touch of humanity, often in the indoor establishment exaggeration, the distortion, column and the break arch, or the classical component's abstract form by the new technique combination same place, namely uses alternative mix, superimposition, dislocation, fission methods and so on and so on techniques and symbol, metaphor, creates one kind by the time to melt the perception and the rationality, the collection tradition and the modern age, rou the populace and the expert in a bodyNamely “also this also other” construction and indoor environment.

 Cannot by see merely after the modernistic the visual image appraises, needs us to receive the image to analyze from the design concept.

new modernism one kind from the 20th century last stage to the 21st century's at the beginning of architectural style, most as early as appeared in 1965. New modern architecture by new brief, but common people's design but after modern architecture complex construction structure and eclecticism response. Has the commentary to refer to, this kind to the present architectural style's resonsideration spirit, “is precisely, thus “causes the architects who Contemporary China constructs lacks” to imitate replaces the creation, by to replace the innovation mediocrely”.

“the new modern architecture” this noun also uses in making a general reference present's construction. decorative art (English: Art Deco) is one kind of heavy decoration artistic style, simultaneously has affected the architectural design style, its name originated in 1925 the world expo which and the international decorative art and the modern craft exposition held in Paris (Exposition Internationale des Arts D√©coratifs et Industriels Modernes).

When it initially became Europe main artistic style when 1920 has been unpopular in the US, about in 1928, was quickly popular before modernism popular 1930 in the US. Art Deco this word, although in 1925 exposition creation, when appraised again to it only then widely is used until 1960, its practitioner has not looked like style unified design community such cooperation. It was considered that is compromised, is affected by all kinds of resources, but also got up many names.

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