Monday, 21 November 2011

environmental holism

Strengthening environmental holism

Modern interior design conception, design, interior style and atmosphere creation, need to focus on the overall environment, cultural characteristic and the function of the building characteristics and considerations. Modern interior design, from the overall concept to understand, the environment should be designed as a series of "chain link".
Interior design in outdoor environment, '" and " outside " ( including natural environment, cultural features, location ),interior design
can be said to be a pair of complementary dialectical unity of contradictions, it is better to do a good job in interior design, it is necessary to the overall environment has sufficient understanding and analysis, proceed in the interior, but the focus on the" outside". The current interior design --
one of the maladies are similar, with little innovation and individuality, on the environment overall lack of the necessary knowledge and research, so that the basis for the design flow in general, the limitations of closed design. It seems, ignore the relationship between the environment and interior design analysis, also is the important reason.
Modern interior design, or the indoor environment design, the "environment" mainly has two meanings:
A layer of meaning is, indoor environment means includes indoor space environment, visual environment, air quality and the environment, sound and light heat and other physical environment, psychological environment and many other aspects, in interior design is to attach importance to visual environment design ( or it is not the interior design),
but should not be limited to the visual environment, the indoor sound, light, heat and other physical environment, air quality environment and psychological environment and other factors should also be very seriously, because people on indoor environment is comfortable feeling, always integrated. A hot, high background noise of the room, even if looks beautiful, stay in the meantime also is very difficult to give the feeling of pleasure.
Some hotels in the complaint are relatively concentrated, is often the evening elevator, boiler room of low frequency noise and bathroom sanitary ware pipeline in noise, the impact of rest. A lot of the hotel lobby, from the purely visual feeling, excessive use bright hard decorative materials, from the ground to the walls, stairs, corridor frame to the service counter, counter, to lobby the reverberation time is too long, spoke definition is very poor, of course, cost is high, the United States indoor Designer Fischer visit Shanghai, a hotel for the stay there is similar to the above evaluation.
Another meaning is that,festival city ii
the interior design as a natural environment in one one urban and rural environment (including the historical context ) -- community neighborhood, building outdoor environment -- the indoor environment, the environment series organic composition part, is "chain link", among them there are many antecedents and consequences, or mutual restriction and the tips of the factors.
Principles of interior design

1, functional principles include: meet and guarantee the use requirements, to protect the main structure is not damaged and the building facades, indoor space for the decoration of these three aspects;
2, the principle of safety: either wall, ground or ceiling, the structure must have certain strength and stiffness, consistent with the computational requirements, especially the portion between the connected nodes, more safe and reliable.
3: design principles, feasibility of reason, is through the construction the design into reality, therefore, interior design interior design must have the feasibility, strive for convenient construction, easy to operate.
4, the principle of economy: under construction to the actual nature of different and and use determine the design standard, do not blindly raise the standard, the simple pursuit of artistic effect, resulting in the waste of money, also be one-sided lower standards and effect, it is at the same cost, by constructing design to achieve good practical and artistic effect.
5 matching principle: to meet the use function, modern technology, spirit function requirements.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

fashion show

Popular designers come forth in large numbers, 60's designers have launched the flower type, link type, bag, desk, rhythmic, romantic type, mini type etc.. 70's pants are designers into the ladies' fashion, for a time, light three bone, shorts, trousers, pants, skinny slender pants, jeans and other global popularity. In 80, in response to" return to nature " voice, Paris first appeared in sportswear, travel, bat, very soon, these styles then push to the whole world. In 90, in addition to style, designer of Paris and especially tone, so various "color" is popular all over the world.

He and she and Kristen Dior and said the French fashion" trinity". Since the age of 21 to become senior designer Dior since, he was regarded as the only candidate" Trinity". Whether in the Dior effectiveness or for their own brand of hard, Saint Laurent have put much effort in making clothing for women, through unremitting efforts, he changed the post-war feminine dress style, his influence has continued to the present, and even to some extent than Chanel and dior.

With the designer Kristen Lacroix said, his success lies in his" versatility". He said:" the result, Elsa Sharpa Schiaparelli and Christo Valencia Wahl and Dior have attract people's attention achievements, but they all focus on a particular style. In contrast, he has put all together in his design style, fashion, we can feel the result of cutting, Dior rich and Sharpa Schiaparelli wisdom."

Strong temptation
The legendary American fashion magazine editor Diane Wei Lande will he called" fashion pied piper". Saint Laurent fashion with a strong temptation, wealthy and French actress Catherine Deneuve have repeatedly visit his fashion show support, and was sitting in the front of. Although 40 years have passed, but to a Saint Laurent brand appearances is still very face. In addition, his sexy series also enjoy quite a reputation, it was exposed at, this bold style within the feminist movement at the beginning of nature are extremely popular -- sexy series and he designed trousers, women to become a must-have wardrobe. He has repeatedly said, his clothing design into the arts and other cultural elements, to the maximum extent possible to highlight the unique female temperament.

In addition to Christian Dior, France has many of the world's super fashion designers, such as Chris Butler Baron Asia plus ( Christolbal Balenciaga, 1895-1972 ), coco Chanel ( Coco Chanel1883-1971 ); a new generation of the ancient Laroche ( Guy Laroche ), Yves Saint Laurent ( Y.M.S.Laurenr ) and Pierre Cardin ( Pierre Candin ) and other "new king" as the representative of their world, and other fashion large countries such as Italy, Britain, the United States and other countries of the fashion design masters in international fashion industry is gotten each coquettish. They are the French fashion classic and representative, is also the world fashion trend indicator.

The essence of French clothing
Senior French clothing is clothing essence, each piece of fashion is like a piece of art, needle sewing line is condensing design masters of wisdom and creation. Designers are free to express their own creative ideas, express the thought of beauty and the trend of knowledge. In Paris, each year" Paris Fashion Fair" and" Paris fashion fair". This is the world's most high-profile fashion, leading the fashion world, affecting people to popular beliefs.

Christian Lacroix ( Christian Lacroix ), also having a great reputation in the master designer a. Since 1987, opened his own clothing company, he will be different ideas, different cultures, the complex and changeable, dramatic design and a variety of fabrics, colors, styles together in the mixing, in the fashion world history has opened up a new era. His works unique style, the magnificent and colorful

inspiration. From the tradition, such as the Provence culture; also from the alien, such as the mysterious oriental style ... ... The most important is his all well-known French designer brands, with the aid of clothing culture essence into native French language will be the most thorough clear, showing the most incisive a.
French fashion in the world of fashion, with illustrious reputation effect, ancient Western Europe, modern affects the world. This effect is highlighted in the " popular" two words, this retrofit, swim around. Also can say: before World War II, the French fashion more constrained by society, and after the Second World War, this trend is becoming popular, to the society as a whole.

Grading fashion show mainly in Paris, London, Milan, New York, held on a regular basis, time on the official site. Fashion show is generally divided into custom, Readymade Garments, menswear in 3 categories, time is different. The following are the 4 fashion show 's official website, which can know the latest fashion and the release date, can also obtain the application in the fashion week.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

optical engine

Microsoft 's two generation IntelliEye optical engine

Microsoft IntelliEye second generation optical engine for Microsoft in 1999 launched the IntelliEye optical engine optical mouse popularity opened prelusive, its resolution of 400cpi, the sampling frequency is 1500 frame / sec. This figure now seems very shabby, but at the time it caused quite a stir. During the production process, the sampling frequency of the Microsoft found enough to make it difficult to adapt to the need for a game, in 2001 developed the second generation of IntelliEye engine and has been in use ever since.
The second generation IntelliEye engine main improvement is the sampling frequency is increased to 6000 frame / s level, fast tracking speed up to 37 inches / second ( hand limit speed of 30 inches per second ), let the optical mouse cursor when playing with game lost cases become history, since the optical mouse is really to be substituted optical mouse became the mainstream choice. In addition,Production House
the two generation of IntelliEye engine sensor size is 22 x 22 pixels, is not difficult to deduce their image processing capacity for 726000 pixels and 2904000 pixels per second.
But in terms of resolution, that Microsoft 400cpi enough use, increasing to 800cpi is not necessary, until now it has not abandoned the idea. In practical application, the 400cpi resolution performance is good, after all, the majority of users display resolution is 1024 x 768 level, increase to 800cpi advantage is not clear. But with the large 17 inch size LCD display popularization,bridgestone
mouse resolution to represent the general trend of 800cpi is, we believe that Microsoft will at the appropriate time to launch up to 800cpi resolution of the third generation of IntelliEye engine.

Agilent optical engine technology
As a leading manufacturer of optical mouse engine, Agilent Technologies in this area has a rich heritage, it has launched the three generation optical engine technology, but because the Agilent itself without making the mouse, and did not give the optical engine product to have a name, so little is known of.
Previously H2000 Agilent 's first generation product, index and Microsoft 's first generation of IntelliEye engine, we no longer. After the different product development ideas, it considers the resolution is no less important than the sampling frequency, the idea in 2001 launched the second generation engine ( A2030, A2051 ) obtained in fully. Second generation optical engine sampling frequency,MotoGP
small amplitude referred to 2300 frames / second level, but the resolution is jumped by 800cpi. Although the professional mapping environment, based on Agilent second generation optical engine products the best performance in a game, but obviously not Microsoft products.
Aware of the pitfalls, Agilent will shift the focus to increase the sampling frequency. The second half of 2002, Agilent and Logitech company cooperation, jointly launched the " MX optical engine", in addition to the retention of 800cpi precision," MX optical engine" will the sampling frequency is greatly improved to 5220 frame / sec standards, at the same time, CMOS photoreceptor in sizes from 22 x 22 pixels up to 30 x 30 pixels, such" MX optical engine" will have high up to 4700000 pixels per second image processing capabilities,wireless keyboards the overall technical specifications have been slightly more than Microsoft 's contemporaries products.
The latest technology promotion in 2004 June, the Logitech 's new MX510 on the mouse, we are surprised to find" MX optical engine" to the development of the second generation. The second generation of MX engine will sampling frequency again to 6500 frame amazing level, its image processing ability also promote further to 5850000 pixels per second to surprising levels, called optical mouse technology summit. It is not difficult to see that, at Agilent -
Logitech in engine technology to precede in the round, though in practical advantage was not obvious, but it can affect consumers' choice, in the face of such pressure, Microsoft does not timely introduction of new products to meet seems justified. Of course, the optical engine is just a mouse components, does not reflect the operation of the mouse hand, in many cases, a scientific design, handsome in appearance products will more often than pure performance advantage more tempting.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

indentation place

From original kilogram several jiao Qian Dao a holding frequently over ten thousand Yuan, accompany the price which now flies suddenly rises suddenly, the Taishan jade are becoming the hot spot which once more people pay attention. Recently, the CCTV related Guangdong Taishan jade during several years rose suddenly several hundred time of reports the Taishan jade to push to again people's field of vision, but regarding rise suddenly the Taishan jade, takes its habitat Taishan, what state at present develops? Which factors behind the price has to become the price hand slap? As will the jade market's rising star, what rely on with jade in and so on Huanglong jade competitions to make own brand influence? In the future the Taishan jade market will develop toward what kind of direction?

In this report, reporter will penetrate into the Taishan jade habitat, inquired about the Taishan jade the development present situation, faces at present the question and so on, as well as the local market state of play and so on, demonstrated diligently gives the reader a real Taishan jade.

Origin: Over a billion year geologic activity fermentation jade treasure   Along the western coast high speed from Taishan under steep export high speed, 276 walks more than 30 minutes again after the provincial road toward the south, arrived at the Taishan jade to produce that qin dike.

That qin dike, located at Taishan's west south tip, the surface dynasty sea, behind is the sierra which winds to fluctuate, besides the beautiful beach, that qin dike's jade is richly colorful, the quartz, the request handkerchief stone, the fluorspar, the Taishan jade and various natural ornamental stone might find the trace in here, that qin is called by the Guangdong valuable jade expert the southern part of China “the treasure vase”.

   It is reported that the Taishan jade mineral lode produces in area 40 square kilometer multiple granite mountain massifs, the granite, the multiple rock mass, periphery cambrian series eight village group constitutions and so on mica schist, cloud UK schist, the mix lithification is intense. In the rock mass the granite arteries, the aplitic dyke, the micrite dike, the quartz dike growth is rich. The Taishan jade namely produces in the hydrothermal alternately dike, quartz, request handkerchief Shi Chanyu in micrite dike, but the yellow agalmatolite namely produces inside the quartz dike.

   According to Taishan spirit jade Chinese style pavilion Tibet Ms. He Xueer introduced that the Taishan jade's formation may trace over a billion years ago, mainly only then has in the offshore region. She introduced that along with the dike after the long earth's crust change, the dike is dispersed, silting alluviation to the mountain massif indentation place, because long-term ground water and surface water immersion, in addition numerous mineral substance and so on silicon, iron fusion reasons, achievement Taishan jade. But on the mountain rock is the identical landform freely with the Taishan jade, but because actually does not have the moisture content to moisten and so on reasons not to be able to accomplish today's jade.   Development: All the people development “washes the jade” the army

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

secret room

B, lamps and lanterns modelling design Puts into the market not only from the present many enterprises the LED street light solely fundamentally to have a look at the earth from the modelling, on not to think of street light's landscape design requirements very much, moreover also has the obvious functionality flaw, like the distribution of light designs unreasonable,LED Spot Light Manufacturer
the degree of illumination and the road surface uniformity does not attain a designated standard, installs the maintenance to be very troublesome and so on, mesoptic vision's theories look like are very fashionable, as soon as actually the street light professional looked that understood it conserves energy 60% targets to belong ficticiously (please do look at!
Therefore only then can encounter street light Control section's universal resisting, many LED the street light product is the east which counterfeits mutually east, does boss in the secret room the racket head's doodle, what technique content the street light profession drop like you to imagine really such does not have, you originally to be very ignorant to the road lighting technology? Designs the tool: 3DSmax, Rhino, Cinema4D, Aliasstudio and so on.
C, lamps and lanterns structural design Not only your LED street light is the cost very why high, but the intensity is not actually high,LED Flood Light Manufacturer
how many days installed not had not broken to the road on is crooked? Many LED street lights installed do not have counted on that the street light place helped you to repair, because linked you to repair is very bothersome, is very bothersome!
Obviously you just raised engineer lacks the experience to the street light design, moreover are very few to street light's outdoors protection rank request understanding! Designs the tool: UG, Pro/E, Autocad and so on. D, optical system design Why did many enterprises ask “the sea to turn over to doctor” many design LED street light candle power curve still with difficulty to achieve the road lighting the national standards?
Perhaps actually they are the electro-optical aspect experts, but actually understands very little to the urban street light's operation requirements, how many years the bat wing distribution of light and did rectangular distribution of light such simple question also some people take unexpectedly deliberated? Looks like people of different lines of work are as separate as separated by mountains!

E, lighting set-up and night scene illuminating effect performance Many bosses jumble together the product design and the lighting set-up,LED Ceiling Light Manufacturer or thought that made the effect chart is the lighting set-up, therefore you looked that China's illumination profession had bright prospects?
Actually only the customer object difference is very big, for example the effect chart is to the leader looked that the lighting set-up is to the design institute looked, the street light design is for lamps and lanterns factory boss looked, the request is certainly dissimilar! Whether to unify well these aspects? The answer is certainly affirmative, but in the present Chinese illumination profession, the such perfect enterprise does not have at least, not only in China, also have been very few in highly developed Europe!
Designs the tool: Dialux, Agi32, Photopia and so on. G, electronic commerce Many bosses in have made the market to make above the project always weak, created has not been able to concentrate the superiority resources to complete some, on the one hand, the investment waste did not say very greatly, the time cost was also very high, to more and more did not have the confidence finally to the person on one's own side,cat5e product manufacturer the burnout also but very!
Actually, makes the project to need the strong trend personal connection and the effect chart performance support, can turn promptly the leadership wonderful idea the beautiful logical sequence US fresh effect chart. Makes the market requirement brand to put into and the formidable product design support continually, needs the very huge lighting set-up guest to take supports the dealer, many establishes newly which aspect does the LED street light enterprise resemble to be very deficient? How no matter you do want to do, not only the moderate electronic commerce investment the cost is inexpensive, moreover facilitates quickly, is the establishment between the enterprise and the customer the most convenient communication platform.
Many bosses knew that was equally luxurious the office repair drop with mayor's office, AUDI also to sit, the western-style clothing to be very straight, does XO with to drink water resembles! But enterprise's website stepmother's child equally is likely sloppy, let leader's Secretary mm look has lost one's appetite greatly! Actually the enterprise is more important in the network image, needs bosses the moderate attention. Designs the tool:
Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and so on. Countermeasure: Design outsourcing The reform develops for 30 years occasionally to think that the Chinese people biggest change was already nobody again bought the block cloth to come back the material to ask the tailor to make clothes, bought clothes to the fashionable clothing shop to be also good is also quick! Therefore China's clothing profession is in GDP grows the quickest profession! Certainly, the fashion designer also most has the face occupation, but the senior tailor, forever can only give others a generation of labor to make an auxiliary at best manual labor, gains the money possibly forever also does not afford the house!
30 year ago Europe with the Chinese present's situation, the manufacturing industry is almost developed. But today, has a look at Europe's brand, is located in abundance the factory the developing country, the product manufacture by an under-developed nation enterprise generation of labor, oneself make the global brand market, the research and development is specially gives each kind of independent planning board to do, or simply invests the foundational research, then transforms the application again by the design company the brand product, is managing the market profit positive cycle, more will like this only then do is bigger, more does is stronger!
This in the automobile, the handset, the cosmetics market was very already common. For example: In our mind felt that the most riches and honor a BMW model of new car has not been designs! Actually the design is also one kind of service, the specialized plan, the planning board provide apex's and so on brand, market plan, human resources, product design for the enterprise services are good are also also quick!
Because anything makes perfect that very much is very difficult, that is the god! But completes some on the one hand not difficult, this calls the individuality! Therefore the world only then can be such richly colorful. Even if is the enterprise which already went on the market must set up completely, the formidable design team in the product research and development is not that easy, needs the high quality resources the conformity to be only then good, needs the advanced enterprise culture to be able to condense everybody.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

the characteristics

10, active PFC What are the characteristics? A: active PFC input voltage from 90V to 270V; power factor above 0.99, and has low loss and high reliability, etc.; can be used as auxiliary power supply, eliminating the need for auxiliary power transformer; output DC voltage ripple is small Therefore the use of active PFC power supply does not require the use of large-capacity filter capacitors. 11, passive PFC What are the characteristics?
A: passive PFC inductor compensation method commonly used by the AC input of the phase difference between the fundamental current and voltage reduced to improve power factor, passive PFC power factor is not very high, only 0.7 to 0.8, and heat relatively large.Mini Wireless Keyboard
12, turn off the power of the software features implemented by what? A: The power of software power off function is the PW-OK circuit. PW-OK standby to host the zero level of output power self-test signal, the host stops working on standby.
Controlled starts, PW-OK in the switching power supply output voltage and then delay a few hundred milliseconds by the 0-level jump from +5 V,Patch Cord Manufacturer
output high level signal to the host. The signal power is equivalent to AT PG signal. Host to detect well-PW-OK signal power start system. In the case of the host running when mains power failure or shutdown, PW-OK output signal than the ATX power supply +5 V output voltage disappear a few hundred milliseconds in advance to notify the host before the trigger system automatically shut off the power to prevent a sudden fall power the hard disk heads to move the landing zone was too late scratch disk.
13, what is the conducted interference? A: The transmission is used to measure electronic interference during operation of the entire network to send electronic interference signal size concept. All electronic products will be in power when the issue of interference signals on the grid, if the interference signal is too large, it will affect the quality of the electricity grid,Cable Manufacturer
which interfere with the normal operation of other appliances. Therefore, most electronic products, the state conducted interference indicator has a mandatory, prohibiting conducted interference is too large production and sales.
14, power supply test in which the more important projects? A: There are cross-load, surge, voltage, ripple noise, output short circuit, over power, efficiency, power factor, response time, timing, noise, radiation, conduction, leakage current, high and low temperature testing. 15, what is the inrush current? A: The power-on surge current refers to the moment, the peak current into the power supply. Because the input filter capacitor for rapid charging, so the peak current is much greater than the steady-state input current.
Should limit the AC power switch, bridge rectifier, fuse, EMI filter components can withstand the surge level. Loop repeatedly switch,electric welding machine manufacturer AC input voltage should not damage the power supply or cause the fuse has blown.
16, what is the conversion efficiency? A: Because the power at work, some electrical energy into heat loss out.
Therefore, the power must minimize heat loss. Conversion efficiency is the output power divided by input power percentage.
Version 1.3 under full load power requirements for the minimum conversion efficiency of 70%. Version 2.0 is the recommended conversion efficiency increased to 80%. 17, power factor and efficiency What is the difference? A: Although the power factor and power conversion efficiency of the utilization of all means, but the difference is great.
Simply put, power factor losses due to the burden of the power sector, while the conversion efficiency of the loss is the user's own burden. Can see, power factor, EMI are all on the national grid protection.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

electrical appliances

The supply and demand aspect, looking from the current situation, the plate market supply and demand contradictory does not calculate prominently, according to the statistics, in mid-August, the domestic key urban hot rolled plate volume keeps in stock 4,690,000 tons,
important besides
the circumference ratio drops 0.41%. , the end of August's one week, the Hangzhou market cut deal stock in 86,400 tons, compares the preceding week to reduce 0.60 tons.

Although the downstream industry demand is weak, but because good anticipated exists as before to the steel city busy season, the plate stock overall speaking take reduces as the mainstream, therefore the plate middle man may retain certain optimistic mood after the city.

Generally speaking, in entire steel city busy season falls the color under the influence, the plate market is also very difficult strongly upward. Perhaps this year the plate market could not look like old times such presents potential of the large growth, but steady could insist the period of time to the good situation. Did not only know, under fund pressure, in the entire market weakens generally under the environment, how long can the plate market also insist!

It is estimated that in September the plate market or will shake moves, if the market fund and the demand still could not be solved, estimated that because the imposing manner is insufficient, plate market after September will integrate in the mainstream tendency which the steel city will weaken.

2011 golden nine silvers ten probably did not give the strength, last week's golden nine grand openings has not fired, the domestic steel price held the steady posture low key by the weak trend to enter the busy season, afterward in the downstream demand had not obtained under the premise which had a new look obviously, continues the top digit narrow shake movement, in the market the steel products price rise and drop mutually presently;

Before the contrast, the market anticipates to this year safeguard room rigid demand's golden nine steel city terminal big purchase,important factor
obviously does not suffer above. Then, is these factors causes this year's golden nine busy seasons to have the so murky condition?

The Chinese steel products price graticule mesh market analysis public figure pointed out that declines in the global economic under the big background, this year's golden nine seasons mainly have four mountains to suppress the steel price upward, respectively is the demand, the cost, the fund, keeps in stock four presses the city jointly, the steel price gets by difficultly in the crevice.

First, demand murky, the steel price upward lacks the fundamental plane support Before the market, high anticipated had not obtained the confirmation temporarily to the golden nine busy season's demand massive releases, since has entered in September, downstream industry's quantity purchased does not increase instead reduces, according to the statistics, the domestic steel city's terminal demand already continuously five weeks presented the small scale to recede; Investigates its reason,Mover Company mainly has such several points:

1st, real estate profession relatively murky, after 23 cities limit purchases the policy appears one after another, the real estate profession's sales pressure sharp increase, has the part to prepare buying homes choice in abundance to wait and see, at present, Beijing and so on an urban second-hand house stock increases in assumes the detonation type to grow, the commercial housing under the policy regulation, the mood which the market waits and sees is rising, the partial businesses can not but start to hit make up the difference the price tag to reduce prices in disguised form, the developer pledged, if in next several years, the house price will appear slides, is willing to sign makes up the price difference contract, will fall how many to make up how many, will aggravate the market being expected to fall house price anticipated;

From this, this winter's real estate will hold the murky tendency, will create the suppression to the building steel price. 2nd, since this year gives the great expectations the safeguard room construction, also with difficulty achieves the anticipated goal under the large quantity fund's gap, but only remains as the building steel the luminescent spot, the market favors temporarily primarily, the safeguard room's demand release must be possible to be clear in future period of time.

3rd, the plate demand also with difficulty improves, in this year's 5~ August's electrical appliances sale busy season, domestic sales volumes and so on refrigerator, color television compared with the same time last year drop 5%, obviously the busy season is not prosperous, from this has the massive backlogs which the electrical appliances keep in stock, after entering the autumn, was the electrical appliances off season, the business already started to prepare each reduction method to greet the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day the promotion;

But mainly by keeps in stock primarily, produces business the production enthusiasm to suffer the serious suppression, the cold hot rolling plate's demand prospect is not good, simultaneously the automobile domain also faces the similar question.